Holly Belill carefully wrapping a client with a Slender Wrap

Holly Terpsma has long been a student of health and wellness.  She is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Dietetics.  She continually educates herself about wellness and ways to detoxify the body.  Holly has always been very interested in health and fitness, but it was through her own personal experience that she learned the importance of detoxification.  After a successful career in sales Holly has decided to follow her passion of helping others live a healthier lifestyle.

“I was originally interested in doing the body wrap to lose inches.  I found that not only did it tighten and smooth my skin, but I always felt so amazing after a wrap.  Later when I was struggling with my own health issues and imbalances, the only thing that helped me feel better was getting The Suddenly Slender Body Wraps and doing the ionic foot baths.”

Holly has always been interested in health and fitness, leading an active lifestyle, working with a health coach, eating natural and organic foods, but it wasn’t until she started having body wraps and ionic foot baths that she realized the benefits and importance of detoxifying the body.  Holly said, “I have always strived to look and feel my best, but it wasn’t until I started doing various ways of detoxifying my body that allowed me to reach my personal health goals.  I feel balanced and much more energized.”

Practicing yoga, participating in water sports, and playing with her chocolate lab are some of Holly’s favorite things to do.  Holly also enjoys finding more ways to eat healthy by using raw and organic foods to make her own original “creations”.  She has gone through an intensive training program to learn the advanced techniques of body wrapping, benefits of red light therapy, and positive outcomes from ionic foot baths.

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