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Ionic Foot Detox Soak

Ionic Foot Detox Soak

Re-energize yourself with The Aqua-Chi TC-5000 Foot Bath which combines the life-giving properties of water with a specialized bioelectric charge. It enhances and amplifies the body’s ability to heal, dramatically increases energy levels and helps to detoxify the body. The negative ions created during a session are similar to those found in hot springs and other naturally charged water sources known to be beneficial to the body.

Notice relief of:
• Allergies
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Pain
• Inflammation

Mineral Body Wraps

There are a lot of various “Body Wraps” offered these days. I would like to explain how the Mineral Wraps that we offer differ from any Body Wrap on the market.
The wraps are soaked in a natural mineral solution. There is absolutely nothing harmful in our wrap solution. They are so safe that you could literally get a mineral wrap everyday if you wanted to.
We wrap the entire body. We start with your feet and work our way up around part of the head. Arms and legs are wrapped separately (so please don’t worry about feeling claustrophobic!). Once the wrap is on you go into an Infrared Sauna or lay down in an Infrared “dome”. Your skin absorbs 60% of what is put on it!! When the skin absorbs the minerals from the wrap solution, it forces out the toxins and impurities from your cells. Our body and cells get big and puffy due to toxic waste in our cells. This is why you are guaranteed to lose inches with each wrap!! Besides the inch loss, our clients have said to notice tighter skin, reduced appearance of cellulite, brighter skin, more energy, the ability to sleep better, and over all cleansed. One reason the body responds so well to these minerals is because we are in such need of them. Our soil has become so depleted in minerals so when our body gets what it needs, it functions and feels better!

Being in the infrared heat with these minerals on the skin allows for even more benefits than with just the wrap on alone. When you sweat in infrared heat, 20% of your sweat released is actual toxins and heavy metals. When this “junk” from the body is released, people notice relief from; allergies, headaches, pain, inflammation/puffiness, weight struggles, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, etc.

You are guaranteed to lose at least 6 inches with each wrap. That is an overall measurement of your entire body. Most people lose more than 6 inches. These types of wraps are NOT dehydrating wraps, they are mineralizing. People often ask if it is just water weight being lost and if it will come right back. The answer to that is, no.

These wraps are good for anyone who is trying to feel better, look better, or prepare for a special event (wedding etc.).

Body Wraps at Refresh


Suddenly Slender Body wraps were created over 47 years ago by Victoria Morton. Victoria has a PHD in Biological Science. The Body wrap is NOT a dehydrating wrap. It is a mineral solution that is soaked in bandages. The warm bandages are wrapped on the entire body. The skin soaks in the organic food grade minerals causing an exchange to take place at a cellular level. When the body gets the minerals, it allows for the waste and toxins to be excreted from the cells. This results in inch loss, increased energy, smoothing and tightening of the skin and a reduction of cellulite. There are various types of solution mixes for the wraps. All of them help to detoxify and promote inch loss. Some wraps can be more specific, for example, one can target skin spots and help with aging skin. Other wraps may focus more on energizing the body or lifting the skin. There is also a Lipase wrap which is designed to break down fat in the body.

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