Ionic Detox Bath

$35/Session   |   Schedule an Appointment

This is a 30 minute process that enhances your body’s ability to detoxify and energize. It balances energy pathways within the body. This treatment uses ionized water to improve circulation, increase relaxation and relieve symptomatic or chronic inflammation.

As the body ages, cells start to lose efficiency causing them to not detoxify and eliminate as efficiently as they should. The ionic foot bath energizes the cells so that they can carry out their function.

This is for anyone who wants to feel revitalized. You can sit and relax while your feet are immersed into warm water. The Ionic detox can be done with either the hands or the feet and this process can be done as often as every other day.

Anyone with a pacemaker, are breast feeding or may be pregnant, have had organ transplants, or under the age of 7 should not have an ionic foot bath.