Red Light Therapy

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NASA first developed this technology to grow plants in space, then later to treat wounds in space. Today Red Light Therapy is being used by to relieve pain and help the body heal itself while rejuvenating the skin.

Red Light in wavelengths between 630-660 nm (nanometers) has the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, energizing fibroblast cells that make collagen and elastin production. This is how the skin repairs damage and improves the skin.

Red Light Therapy is a technology that has both cosmetic and healing effects. The red light repairs sun damage and improves the skin’s overall appearance, and aids in age reversal by increasing collagen and elastin. The visible benefits from Red Light Therapy such as reduced wrinkles and firmer skin may seem like a cosmetic enhancement, but it is actually the result of the body healing itself.

Red Light Therapy targets the face and the entire body as you lay in a full-sized bed similar to a tanning bed. Even though Red Light bed looks like a tanning bed, it is not dangerous because it does not produce any UV rays.

This is a painless and relaxing experience. Each session is 20 minutes. Clients that see the best results come in 2 times a week for 12 weeks.