Body Wraps at Refresh


Suddenly Slender Body wraps were created over 47 years ago by Victoria Morton. Victoria has a PHD in Biological Science. The Body wrap is NOT a dehydrating wrap. It is a mineral solution that is soaked in bandages. The warm bandages are wrapped on the entire body. The skin soaks in the organic food grade minerals causing an exchange to take place at a cellular level. When the body gets the minerals, it allows for the waste and toxins to be excreted from the cells. This results in inch loss, increased energy, smoothing and tightening of the skin and a reduction of cellulite. There are various types of solution mixes for the wraps. All of them help to detoxify and promote inch loss. Some wraps can be more specific, for example, one can target skin spots and help with aging skin. Other wraps may focus more on energizing the body or lifting the skin. There is also a Lipase wrap which is designed to break down fat in the body.

It takes 20 minutes to get measured and wrapped. Once the wrap is on, the client will sit in an infrared sauna for 40 minutes (if health permits). Infrared heat helps with the detoxification process. If someone is not healthy enough to sit in the heat, then they will go on the Gazelle. Up to 900 calories can be burned while in the wrap and the heat.

The wrap and the minerals itself are so safe that even pregnant ladies and chemo patients can get them done. If someone is pregnant, they would skip the infrared sauna part and get on the Gazelle. The wraps are also so safe that they could be done multiple days in a row if one so desired.

It is recommended that 3 wraps within a 6 week period are done. After that, monthly maintenance wraps are typically sufficient depending on what the goals of the client may be. This will allow for the client to continue to get a deeper detoxification by adding more minerals with each wrap. Once you have had 2 wraps in a row, the body is typically ready for more minerals and additives to be placed into the solution to get a deeper detox and more release of toxins. Some of the mineral additives that can be put into the wrap solution are: Slim, Iodine Kelp, Flat Tummy, Puffy, Super Skin, Mobility, and Recovery. By the 3rd wrap, the body will get wrapped tighter improving the smoothness and lifting of body areas.

Typically people are initially drawn to get a wrap because they hear about the inch loss that goes along with it. However, after most people see how the wraps make them feel, the inch loss is just an added benefit. Many people say that the wrap leaves them feeling; cleansed, refreshed, lighter, energized, clean and tighter. Many clients say that helps them sleep better and many also say they can feel a big difference with their neck and chin line.

When preparing for a wrap it is best to exfoliate the skin that day and not put any body lotion on. This will allow for the pores to open for a better release of toxins. Also, all of the toxins stay in the bandages so your skin will be clean when you leave. There is no need to shower after the wrap.

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